Workflow management

SalesManager Online offers extensive workflow management. Workflows can be initiated from any part of the SalesManager Online environment. Workflow is event driven. In simple terms an event in a company’s daily business can be used to trigger a workflow. This could be an extension of a contract, a promised delivery of goods not met or the expiration of the payments of an invoice.


An event can be a simple to-do in the SalesManager Online system for a user to take action. Follow up on a quotation, calls for unpaid bills or contacting a supplier for late delivery of goods. An event can also be an e-mail to either users of the system or contacts with the SalesManager Online environment. The work flow can also mail-merge a standard MS Word document and mail that to a customer. Contract extensions including details of the existing contract would be an example of this. Alerts, known by SalesManager Online as I-Mail push real-time messages to users of the system.