Service Level Agreements are the kern of any service management system. The level of service offered and the financial consequences thereof are determined by the SLA. In ServiceManager multiple SLA’s can be added to a company. Service response times and callout intervals can be set per SLA and determine the levels of escalation that are to be initiated if a ticket is not successfully on time. Escalations can generate alerts to an agent’s screen in ServiceManager or send an e-mail to customers and/or users of the system.


The installed base can be linked to the SLA. ServiceManager can calculate maintenance charges by picking up the prices from the product database and applying the associated maintenance percentage fee. We also provide automatic re-indexing of all SLA invoice amounts to reflect inflation etc.



SLA Invoicing

ServiceManager provides invoicing facilities for the service department. ServiceManager can be interrogated at any time and asked for the number of SLA’s due to be invoiced by any given date. Since maintenance is usually paid up-front, the service department can easily get a list of all SLA’s due for invoicing and print them individually or as a batch.