An essential component of every CRM system is the means to be able to leverage the data in your database for marketing purposes. Many CRM databases like SalesManager contain thousands of fields, which may or may not be of interest to the marketing professional. CampaignManager addresses these requirements and is an essential addition to our stable of CRM products for heavy-usage customers.

Selection Criteria

The SalesManager data model currently contains more than 3.000 fields and hundreds of tables. For an automotive customer to search for all management team members of clients with a Scania truck older than 2008, weighing over 7 tons and having a good credit rating, would take an intrinsic knowledge of the SalesManager data model to achieve results. While it is possible, it can be quite frustrating. We therefore decided, when building CampaignManager, to allow the customer to build his own views of the database, and allow him to mix fields from every possible table into his own “Personal Views”.



Selections can be made on any field in the database with an unlimited number of combinations possible. Depending on the type of field chosen different selection facilities appear. If the field is for example numeric, then a range selection is suggested. If a field is a table, the associated drop down content is made available for searching on. Overall, the user interface is as intuitive as possible. Selections can be tested by clicking on the Count Button which will result in the selection been executed on the server and only the number of hits returned. You can thus widen or tighten up your search criteria to achieve the number of targets you require. An unlimited number of Selection Criteria may be saved and these can be reused in future marketing campaigns.